OVPTL Annual Holiday Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest
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Each year the entire Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning gets together to celebrate the holidays and have some fun together. This year, we went to Knotts Berry Farm, and there was a photo/video contest.

Staff members were randomly paired into groups, and they were given an hour in the park to take pictures/videos for the following scenarios: · Your team with a favorite roller coaster ride

· Your team with a live Knotts Berry Farm mascot or character

· Make human letters with your team to spell out “OVPTL”

· Take a picture or Boomerang video of your team “jumping!”

· Find a fun place in the part to get a video of your team showcasing your best UCI “zot, Zot, ZOT!” battle cry!

Now that all the pictures and videos are in, it is time to vote for your favorites! The way you “vote” is by sharing the pictures and videos on your social media platforms. The indi platform calculates a “Buzz” score reflecting the amount of exposure pictures and images get. The more they are shared, liked, and viewed, the bigger the Buzz score. You can “vote” by sharing as many as you want. The team with the biggest Buzz score will win the contest and get lunch with OVPTL Vice Provost Michael Dennin!


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    First Place

    Prize: Lunch with Dennin
    The winning team will get lunch with the one and only Vice Provost Michael Dennin!


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