Lovin' Summer Challenge
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How do you do summer? Win shopping sprees at Toms and Ebay and maybe even a 1-year subscription to Gold Medal Wine Club just by helping us spread summer vibes across social media!

Upload photos and videos of your best summer moments, #currentmoods and memories. Maybe you even have an original summer song or other performance to share.

To get started, upload your photos and videos right here. Once they have been approved, share share share your Indi links to generate Buzz through views, reactions and re-shares! One Judges' Pick plus the two submissions that generate the most Buzz on social media will win!

Now let's see those scenes of summer!


  • JP

    Judges' Pick

    Prize: Toms & Ebay Gift Cards
    One Judges' Pick wins a $100 Toms gift card and a $100 Ebay gift card.
  • 1

    First Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Wine & Gift Cards
    Generate the most Buzz and win a year subscription to Gold Medal Wine Club plus a $100 Toms gift card and a $100 Ebay gift card!
  • 2

    Second Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Toms Gift Card
    The Second Place Buzz winners gets a $100 Toms gift card.


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